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Wisteria Days - with Alessandro Lanzoni & Michelangelo Scandroglio

FRESCOESwith Kit Downes and Emanuele Maniscalco 

The Grain - with James Kitchman, Jakub Cywinski & Zac Gvirtzman

Yazgol - the unrecorded compositions of Paul Motian

Slaughden - trio with Kit Downes and Fred Thomas  

Divertimento - duo with Emanuele Maniscalco 

Phelan Burgoyne Trio - feat. Martin Speake & Rob Luft

First Rain - trio with Chris Wiesendanger & Xaver Rüegg

Downhill - trio with Oded Geizhals & Nadav Erlich

REBOP - featuring Jorge Rossy


discography (click)

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Paul Motian yazgol final.jpg
Divertimento cover jpg.jpg
rebop online cover.jpg
On Thursday cover tiff-1.jpg
Phelan Album Cover.png
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