C a l e n d e r





Febuary - Tour of New Zealand with Alex Ventling Trio 

March - 2nd - The Oxford, London.

6th - Red Rose Chain, Ipswich. 

10th March - Cable Cafe, London. 

23-31st -  Duo Tour with Mathieu Clavel, UK, CH. 



2nd - Cully Jazz Festival, Francois Lana Trio, CH. 

13th-19th April - Tour with Francois Lana Trio. 

20th - Zazz in Baden, Ursula Bachmann, CH. 

21st -26th - Lisa Hoppe project, Bern, CH. 

28th - Mehrspur with Francois Lana Trio, CH.

29th - Offbeat festival with Emanuele Maniscalco and Anders Christenen, Basel, CH


9th - AMR, Francois Lana Trio, CH. 

10th, 11th - Kit Downes Quintet



P a s t   s h o w s

September 2016

4th - Trio with Martin Speake & Rob Luft - Green Note, Camden, London, UK.

18th - Thelonious  - Vortex, Dalston, London, UK.

24th -Kiss Me Kate, Opera Fouco, Salle Ravel, Levallois, Paris, France. 

25-27th - Trio with Linus Eppinger & Tilman Oberbeck - Karlsruhe, Germany.

29th - Thelonious with Martin Speake, Hans Koller and Calum Gourlay, Jazz Nursery, London, UK.


16th - Recording with Lorraine Dinkel, Giovanni Vicari and Daniel Somaroo- Basel, Switzerland.

18th - Yuri Storione Trio - Mehrspur, Zürich, Switzerland.


6th - Recording with Tom Millar and Lisa Hoppe - Basel, Switzerland.

8th - Trio with Martin Speake and Rob Luft - 606 club, Chelsea, London, UK.

Phelan Burgoyne's Verdasio Quartet UK tour - feat. Emanuele Maniscalco, Lisa Hoppe and Rob Luft.

18th  - Leighton House, London, UK.

19th - Aldeburgh Church, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, UK.

21st - Vortex, London, UK.

22nd - Olivers - Greenwhich, London, UK.

24th - Devenant Loft Jazz, London UK. (+ Martin Speake)


9-10th - Recording with Yumi Ito - Basel, Switzerland.

12th - Duo with Rob Luft - Wharf Chambers. - Leeds, UK.



10th - Klaus Bru band - Vortex Jazz Club, London, UK. 

20th Unquiet Quiet record release - Vortex Jazz Club, London, UK. 

22nd Jazz East - Felixstowe, UK. 


Phelan Burgoyne Quintet Feat. Jorge Rossy, Sam Braysher, Tilman Oberbeck and Linus Eppinger

10th - Vortex Jazz Club

11th - Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec

13th - Ronnie Scott's

14th - Ronnie Scott's

24th - Lisa Hoppe's Ambush - Bern, Switzerland. 


1st - Trio with Martin Speake and Rob Luft - Lord Palmerston, Tufnell Park, London, UK.

8th - Quartet with Mike De Souza, Fred Thomas & Ella Hohnen Ford  - Lord Palmerston, Tufnell Park, London, UK.

9th - Fred Thomas Quintet - Kansas Smitty's Bar - London, UK.


1st - Carlo Mombelli - Bird's Eye Jazz Club, Basel, Switzerland.

7th - Trio with Martin Speake and Fred Thomas - Leighton House, London, UK. 

11th - Duo with Yumi Ito - Jazz Campus Club, Basel, Switzerland. 

13th - Trio with Chris Wiesendanger and Xavier Rüegg - Milchhüssli, Basel, Switzerland.

14th - Afra Hämmerli Quintet - Milchhüssli, Basel, Switzerland.


29th - Trio with Martin Speake and Rob Luft - Vortex, London, UK.


4th - Trio with Martin Speake and Rob Luft - Davenant Loft, London, UK.  

6th - Trio with Martin Speake and Rob Luft - Cable Café, London, UK.

8th - New recording with Martin Speake and Rob Luft - Eastcote Studios, London.

22nd - Duo with Rob Luft - Leigh on Sea Folk Festival, UK.

24th - Martin Speake's Mafarawi - Naturist Foundation Jazz festival, Orpington, UK.

24th - Trio with Martin Speake and Fred Thomas - Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec, London, UK.

29th - Trio with Martin Speake and Fred Thomas - Kansas Smitty's, London, UK.

30th - Fred Thomas Quintet, Birmingham, UK.


2nd - Trio with Chris Wiesendanger and Xavier Rüegg, Vortex, London, UK. 

18th - 20th - Recording with Fred Thomas Quintet, Birmingham, UK.

24th July - Afghan Aid commission premier with Martin Speake, Rob Luft and Florence Shahabi, Royal Anthropological Institute, London, UK.


12th - Lisa Hoppe's Ambush - Bern, Switzerland. 


13th - Trio + Anders Christiansen, London Jazz Festival, Vortex.

20th - 26th - Tilman Oberbeck Quintet Feat. Jorge Rossy - Hamburg and Karlsrhue.


4th - Trio with Chris Wiesendanger and Xavier Rüegg, Jazz in Baden, Switzerland.

6th - Trio with Chris Wiesendanger and Xavier Rüegg, Moods, Zürich, Switzerland.

7th - Trio with Chris Wiesendanger and Xavier Rüegg, Esse Bar, Winterthur, Switzerland.

13th - Trio with Chris Wiesendanger and Xavier Rüegg, Moods, Zürich, Switzerland.

15th - Quintet feat. Sergio Wagner, Enrique Oliver, Rupert Cox and Grzegorz Wlodarczyk, Milchhüsli, Basel, Switzerland.

January 2018

2nd - Tom Ridout Album Launch, Vortex, London, UK. 

9th - Yuri Storione Quartet feat. Perico Sambeat, Jimmy Glass, Valencia, Spain. 

19th - Trio feat Emanuele Maniscalco and Federica Michisanti, TBA, Rome, Italy. 

24th - Trio with Martin Speake & Rob Luft, TBA, Freiburg, Germany. 

27th - Double bill - trios feat. Speake, Luft & Wiesendanger, Rüegg, Mehrsupur, Zürich, Switzerland.


9th - Trio with Kit Downes and Fred Thomas, Leighton House, London, UK. 

17th - Duo with Fred Thomas, Aldeburgh Church, Suffolk, UK. 

18th - 24th London Quartet tour with Martin Speake, Zac Gvi, Rob Luft and Fred Thomas.


16th . Ensemble Laudetsi, Mitte, Basel, Switzerland. 


20, 21st - Yumi Ito Orchestra, Birdseye, Basel, Switzerland. 

26th - Trio with Martin Speake & Rob Luft, Jazz in the Round, Cockpit theatre, London, UK.

27th - Trio with Martin Speake & Rob Luft, Jamboree, London, UK.


30, 31st - Recording / Concert  Trio with Chris Wiesendanger and Xavier Rüegg, The Village, Copenhagen, Denmark. 


2nd - Trio with Chris Wiesendanger and Xavier Rüegg, 5E, Copenhagen, Denmark. 

16th - 22nd - Recording with Jorge Rossy, Barcelona, Spain. 


5th - Yumi Ito Orchestra, Mehrspur, Zürich, Switzerland. 

13th - Yumi Ito Orchestra, St Gallen, Switzerland. 

22-26th - Duo with Emanuele Maniscalco, TBC. Switzerland.


5-12th - Gardar Edvaldsson Quartet - Iceland.



23rd - Duo with Klaus Bru, Dalston, London, UK.


12-15 - Yumi Ito Orchestra, St. Moritz, Switzerland. 

16th - Solo, Brugg, Switzerland. 

20, 22nd with Linus Eppinger, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

26-29th - Ursula Bachmann - Zürich, Switzerland. 


12-17th Trio with Oded Geizhals & Nadav Erlich, Isreal. (+ Anat Fort, Tel Aviv)

23rd Yumi Ito Orchestra, Zürich, Switzerland. 


7th Yumi Ito Orchestra, Basel, Switzerland. 

8th Divertimento with Emanuele Maniscalco, Bern, Switzerland. 

9-11th - Yumi Ito Orchestra, Winterthur, Switzerland. 

16,17th REBOP feat. Jorge Rossy, London Jazz Festival, Toulouse Lautrec, London, UK. 

29th - Trio with Chris Weisendenger & Xaver Rüegg, Birdseye, Basel, Switzerland. 


11th - Yumi Ito Orchestra, Freiburg, Germany. 

January 2019

Tour with Francious Lana, TBC

31st Trio with Zac Gvi and Fred Thomas, Kansas Smitty's, London, UK.


3rd Trio with Fred Thomas & Kit Downes, Vortex, London, UK.


18-24th Tour with Emanuele Maniscalco, Switzerland. 


5,6th - Trio with Fred Thomas & Kit Downes, Aldeburgh Chruch, UK.

11th First Rain Trio, Cully, Switzerland. 



6-10th Yumi Ito Orchestra, Zürich, Switzerland.




3rd Divertimento with Emanuele Maniscalco, 5E, Copenhagen, Denmark.

5th Recording with Emanuele Maniscalco and Anders Christensen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

7th Divertimento with Emanuele Maniscalco, Brescia, Italy. 

10-16th Ursula Bachman "Bewildered Hearts", Switzerland. 


4th - Duo with Farah Chamma, Bradford, UK: 


9th - Samantha Wright, Breckon Jazz, Wales. 

20-25th Alex Ventling Trio, Switzerland. 



27th - Opera Fouco, Paris, France. 




2-6th Downhill, Isreal. 

24th - 3rd November - REBOP, UK, Switzerland, Germany. 

5th - Lisa Hoppe, Rotenberg, Germany. 

21st - Kit Downes, Cardiff, Wales. 


3rd - Fracious Lana Trio, Das Institut, Zürich, Switzerland.