Biography (short)

Phelan Burgoyne (1994) is a drummer and composer currently based in London, England. Burgoyne studied at the Royal Academy of Music with Martin France and Jeff Williams and at the Hochschule für Musik, Basel, Switzerland with Jeff Ballard and Larry Grenadier. He has gained an international reputation touring across the U.K and Europe and has subsequently released four albums; Unquiet Quiet (2015) and Verdasio (2019) with his trio featuring veteran saxophonist Martin Speake and rising star guitarist Rob Luft, Divertimento (2018) in duo with ECM artist pianist Emanuele Maniscalco and Introducing REBOP (2018) a quintet featuring legend Jorge Rossy on vibraphone; each to critical acclaim.


His current project Slaughden features ECM artist's Kit Downes and Fred Thomas. Outside of Jazz, Burgoyne is player of the Rubāb; a traditional lute from Afghanistan whom he studies with Professor John Baily and Ustad Daud Khan Sadozai. Burgoyne is also a photographer working in the fields of social documentary and portraiture

“It’s plain to see why Burgoyne’s reputation has reached its current momentum” - The Guardian 




Phelan Burgoyne (1994) is a British drummer and composer currently based in the U.K. 

“It’s plain to see why Burgoyne’s reputation has reached its current momentum” - The Guardian 


He grew up in a musical family in the cultural county of Suffolk on the east coast of the U.K playing in local orchestras and bands. At age 13 he was accepted onto the Royal Academy of Music’s junior Jazz programme where he was taught by and performed with the likes of Kenny Wheeler and Dave Holland. Age 16 he began attending the prestigious Purcell school for young musicians in London where he studied composition, conducting and percussion, then going on to study a full time bachelors degree at the Royal Academy of Music for 3 years with Jeff Williams and at the Jazz Campus Basel, Switzerland for a further 2 years with Jeff Ballard, Larry Grenadier and Guillermo Klein.

  Burgoyne is a remarkably thoughtful and highly perceptive musician.” - All About Jazz 


P.B has been gained an international reputation playing many festivals and clubs all over Europe with musicians including Jorge Rossy, Bill McHenry, Kit Downes, Emanuele Maniscalco, and Ben Street. 


The Phelan Burgoyne Trio (featuring British jazz legend, saxophonist Martin Speake and rising star guitarist Rob Luft) have released two records featuring all original compositions; Unquiet Quiet (2015) and Verdasio (2019) to critical acclaim. 

"Patient and cinematic. This trio are really sitting together in a beautiful space that is vast and full of colour" - Larry Grenadier (Brad Mehldau Trio, Paul Motian Band) 


P.B makes up one fifth of the collective band Rebop featuring veteran Jorge Rossy on Vibraphone and young talents Sam Braysher, Linus Eppinger and Tilman Oberbeck who released their debut album Introducing at the London Jazz Festival 2018 on the Swiss Unit Label and have since toured Europe extensively. They will release their second album in late 2020. 


For several years, P.B has enjoyed a warm collaboration between the U.K and Italy with ECM Artist, Pianist Emanuele Maniscalco who recorded their first Duo venture entitled Divertimento on the Berlin Based Hout Label and will release a new album On Thursday in 2020 featuring Danish Bass legend Anders Christensen.

His new project Slaughden features British pianist and organist Kit Downes and bassist Fred Thomas whom in April 2019 opened the first of a series of concerts to be curated by P.B in Aldeburgh.

He is also a member of “First Rain” a Zürich based piano trio featuring Chris Wiesendanger and Xaver Rüegg, a drum / spoken word duo with Palestinian poet Farah Chamma and Downhill - a free improvisation combo featuring Israeli musician Oded Gheizhals and Nadav Erlich and plays in New Zealand pianist Alex Ventling's Trio.


Outside of Jazz, P:B is a photographer working in documentary and portraiture fields and player of the Rubab -  a traditional lute from Afghanistan and a researcher on Afghan Music which he studies with eminent British Ethnomusicologist Professor John Baily and Usad Daud Khan Sadozai.