Phelan Burgoyne (1994) is a drummer and composer currently based in London, U.K. He grew up in an artistic family in the cultural county of Suffolk on the east coast of the U.K. He has a degree from the Royal Academy of Music where he studied with Martin France and Jeff Williams and also studied at the Hochschule für Musik, Basel, Switzerland, with Jeff Ballard and Larry Grenadier. He has gained an international reputation touring across the U.K and Europe and has released four critically acclaimed albums; Unquiet Quiet (2015) and Verdasio (2019) with his trio featuring veteran saxophonist Martin Speake and rising star guitarist Rob Luft, Divertimento (2018) in duo with ECM artist pianist Emanuele Maniscalco and Introducing REBOP (2018) a quintet featuring legend Jorge Rossy on vibraphone.


His latest release On Thursday, comes in the the shape of a piano trio featuring Danish bass veteran Anders Christensen on the Berlin based HOUT label.  Outside of Jazz, Burgoyne is player of the Rubāb; a traditional lute from Afghanistan whom he studies with Professor John Baily and Ustad Daud Khan Sadozai.  He also works as a photographer.

“It’s plain to see why Burgoyne’s reputation has reached its current momentum” - The Guardian 

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Photo by Kate Schultze